Expert X


Box trader? Do you like to trade on a breakthrough range? Then Expert X Session trade is your best option. Range trading is quite time consuming, and energy, and brainpower, and… the list goes on. Stop wasting your time away on calculating the width and watching each change.

This sidekick will exploit a host of some markets. During the intersessional flat, and at the start of an active session, the EA will monitor the width of the trading range. Depending on the width, it will make a decision to either break through the range, or not to trade.

Consider this for Forex. Let’s say you are trading a minor pair. The price range goes up and down non-stop, making the decisions really hard to make. Where will it go next? What positon will it have? Well, Expert X is called an Expert for a reason. Trust it for the best forex decisions.

So then, if this sounds like the perfect option for your style of trading, it’s time to take a long-overdue vacation while your sidekick, EXPERT X, brings you the profits.