How Forex Robots Work

Live your Life while your sidekick Trades

Innovation and Expertise combined means more money, less time.

Our LogicBots already have their set functions that allow them to make trades decisions automatically without any need for you to intervene.

Forex LogicBots have several different functions that you can choose, for example to you want to employee a range of technical indicators? Spor important trends and breakouts? You got it. By gaining access to advanced metrics with your sidekick’s help, you can examine the market and the currency pair for higher trading opportunities.

Our LogicBots can also fully manage your accounts. Before putting your balance on the line, your sidekick will fully analyze it and determine what is the best option. Moreover, it may assess the trades and choose whether to place a trailing stop, or just a simple stop-loss, or take-profit.

After gaining all of the important information, the LogicBot sidekick will consider major market behaviors as well. You can have the sidekick trade for you, or make the decisions before getting into the market.

Our software will take care of the difficult tasks for you.

Your sidekick will choose and handle the dirty work in trading for you while you sit back and wait.