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About The iRVI_iDEMA_Expert Advisor

The prices of securities and values of indexes are volatile and unpredictable. However, past performance can inform future movements. Thus, moving averages play a central role in the determination of past price trends. You need a friend to help you out. Luckily we have an expert level advisor prepared for that.

The iRVI_iDEMA_Expert Advisor uses the “Dynamic Moving Average” indicator to decide whether or not to enter a trade and the “Relative Vigor Index” indicator to confirm the entry pattern.  

The Expert Advisor has a built-in Trailing Stop and the ability to invert trades in the strategy. With this expert, you will never have to make a decision alone.  In fact, with iRVI_iDEMA_Expert, you’ll always have a trustworthy advisor by your side.

Trading Logic

  • The iRVI_iDEMA_Expert bot is based on the Dynamic Moving Average and the Relative Vigor Index. The Expert allows you to measure a trend’s strength by comparing a security’s closing price to its trading range. It is much more market reactive than the other moving averages-based bots you have met.


  • The Expert Adviser is capable of inverting trades in the strategy for the maximum profitable results. It offers a smart analysis of moving averages and quick reaction to the changes within.


  • Our iRVI_iDEMA_Expert Advisor also has a built-in algorithm that solves the issue of varying market speeds by incorporating an automatic adjustment factor into its formula, which speeds, or slows, the indicator in ranging or trending.

Moreover, the iRVI_iDEMA_Expert Advisor's price reaches $4000

a payment worth of the promising pay-off in the future.

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