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Optimized for quality performance, with reliable security safeguards.

Autonomous Work

Autonomous trading made possible by LogicBot EA’s smart practices.

Quick Market Execution

Our software opens your trades right away upon signal.

Built-in Money Management

Money management methods that enable our forex robots to properly invest funds allocated to it.

24/5 Market Tracking

Seize more trading opportunities with the help of software that never sleeps.

Fast & Simple Setup

We want you to find trades without delay. That is why, our EAs only takes minutes to install.

Auto Stop Loss & Take Profit

Our forex robots are programmed to place stop losses and take profit levels automatically for you, ensuring the safety of funds.

Simultaneous Trading of Multiple Pairs

Trade different currency pairs at the same time.

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Receive free updates upon purchase of our EA products.

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​Logicbot’s Expert Advisors Comes Packed with Valuable Features

A forex robot or expert advisor, is a software that has a set of rules incorporated in its programming, which enables it to automatically make trade entry and exit decisions. This tool offers a convenient means for traders seeking a bit of freedom from being glued to their computer screens as they wait for the ideal time to trade.

Step up Your Trading with LogicBot’s Forex Robots

EAs never sleep, giving them the ability to search for trades 24/5. It will carry out your buy and sell actions, while you get to live your life.

Emotions Free

Forex robots follow a tight trading rule, but without human intervention, therefore, eliminating emotional trading decisions that affect some of the new market players.

Time Saving

EAs can manage hundreds of markets, meaning you don’t need to monitor market behavior all day long to spot opportunities. It’s completely up to you how much of your time you want to allocate on it

Logicbot’s Expert Advisors Comes Packed with Valuable Features

We’ve based our design using carefully selected mathematical methods, smart programming, as well as win and loss probabilities to reduce any potential risks. All trades and entry levels are planned methodically, only when there is a good chance present will our forex robots enter the market instantly. Appropriate money management is ingrained in each of our EAs. Our system has also been developed to automatically place your preferred stop loss and take profit levels, and is fully optimized to trade various currency pairs simultaneously.

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