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About Trading Expert Advisor "XSessionTrade"

If you’ve been looking for someone to help you out in your mundane trading sessions, you’ve come to the right place. The Expert Advisor XSessionTrade LogicBot contains all the equipment needed to assist you through all the seemingly complicated trading technicalities. You will get the profitable results that you desire without overworking yourself.

The box trading strategy is the main focus of our Trading Expert Advisor the “XSessionTrade”; it is the perfect tool to make the most precise calculation while you sit back and relax.  

The Logic Bot specializes in exploiting the market. It helps traders find the best market exchanges, typically tied-up in between some relatively flat trading sessions. The Expert Advisor works with cross-courses of the British Pound, Japanese Yen, and the East Asian region’s cross-currency—it covers many commodities.

Trading Logic

  • Our Trading Expert Advisor works during the intersessional flat and the beginning of the active session. It monitors the trading range’s width, and then if the range does not exceed the established threshold values, it makes the most profitable decision for you. In this case, the Expert Advisor can identify the upcoming risk during a session. As a result, the advisor stops and does not trade.


  • Our Trading Expert Advisor “XSessionTrade” was created specifically for “the box trading”; the type of trading that takes place during the breakthrough range.


  • The LogicBot exploits a host of some tightly tied markets to exchange trading. The Trading Expert Advisor “XSessionTrade” is perfect for the interval between the intersessional flat and the beginning of the active session.

Relax, lay back and let out LogicBot do the job for you.


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