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About The Gold Miner Expert Advisor

Watching every single movement of each asset you follow is exhausting. It requires all the attention you hold in your body, and you know what – who’s got time for that? 

Our  Gold Miner Expert Advisor specializes in that type of dirty work. It will make decisions for you, catching even the smallest changes in the assets of your choice.

The Gold Miner Expert Advisor trades on the breakout of the price range. For example, when the price breaks out of the established range, you may conclude that it will fall back into its range soon. Moreover, the Gold Miner Expert uses the “Price Action Trading” strategy candlestick patterns. This is to help you out in your calculations and confirm the range’s breakout.

If you decide to start trading with our Gold Miner Expert, the price will be $1 500. A one time purchase for the success of the lifetime.

Trading Logic

  • By combining the technical analysis and price action trading strategies, Gold Miner Expert Advisor calculates trade opportunities for you.  The Expert Advisor makes the meticulous and mundane calculations for you. Meanwhile, you oversee the main trading estimation paths it decides to take.


  • The Gold Miner Expert is there to offer you a helping hand in the calculation of the trading range’s breakout. 


  • The expert offers a flexible approach to price action trading that will allow you more space to develop as an individual trader. Thus, you can make decisions on your own but with our unique LogicBot Advisor’s guided help.

The Expert Advisor shows itself best in the metals and stock markets.


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