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About Expert Gold Miner

Gold Mining has never been an easy thing. It involves finding profit in places hidden from the human eye, beneath the easily reachable surface. That requires patience, knowledge and lots of time. In fact, in a crazy world like ours, time is a true luxury, that should not be scattered around for mundane tasks.

Luckily, our Expert Advisor will help you out and be your personal GoldMiner.

The GoldMiner Expert Advisor trades on the breakout of the price range. That is, when the price breaks out of the established range, you conclude that it will soon return to the range. The expert adviser uses the “price action” strategy candlestick patterns to confirm the range’s breakout.


  • The Expert Advisor shows itself best in the metals and stock markets.


  • The Expert Advisor uses three main strategies, each of which you can configure or disable in the expert settings.

Do you want a trustworthy sidekick that will do all the dirty work for you?

Then choose our Expert GoldMiner.

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