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Asses EFBO’s performance on the historical period in real-time before you put it in an actual trading environment.

About Expert Fractal Break Out

Are you tired of watching every little move of every asset you follow? Making decisions based on one little change? Down to the last drop? Well, our Expert Fractal Break Out specializes in that type of dirty work.

EFBO implements one of Bill Williams’ classic trading strategies, basing decisions on movements and fractals. So, when the trading range is compressed, and they fall inside the fractal box, or they hit a certain price range, the action is triggered and orders are accompanied by trailing. Or, at the earlier opportunity they are transferred to breakeven.

This makes it perfect for Forex trading due to the high volatility and liquidity of the market. The changes that happen on a daily basis with each currency are hard to track and take into consideration for each decision. Let EFBO take care of it with the perfectly built program which makes the analysis for you, and the decisions much easier. No need to watch the screen any more.

Identify Valuable Trades on a Chart

Seize big movements with a complete fractal trading system.
Discover Significant Fractal Setups

Find trends and retracements to locate major fractal arrangements.

Simple Setup

Just download and install the program, and you’re good to go.

Go Solo or Join Forces

Use it on its own or partner it with your other EAs.

Clear Confirmation

Clear arrow marks allow you to time your entry and exit properly


Widen your trading expertise further with the EFBO.

Compatible with any Trader

This EA is designed to work with traders, regardless of their level of expertise.

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