About Logicbot

The latest trading technologies for the best profits

Our team of developers specialize in creating professional and autonomous solutions for traders.

We are traders ourselves, and know the hardships that go into trading. Thus we decided to create the assistance that we always wanted. We want to share our expertice with those who are interested in automatic trading and utilizing expert advisors to the fullest.

Our robots do not disappoint. We would know, we use them daily ourselves.

Thinking about Giving EA a Try?

See if forex robots are right for you with LogicBot’s free EA.

Why Trade with Our Expert Advisors?

Our robots offer beneficial features to help you stay in control of your trades.

Autonomous Work

Autonomous trading made possible by LogicBot EA’s smart practices.

Quick Market Execution

Our software opens your trades right away upon signal.

Built-in Money Management

Money management methods that enable our forex robots to properly invest funds allocated to it.

24/5 Market Tracking

Seize more trading opportunities with the help of software that never sleeps.

Fast & Simple Setup

We want you to find trades without delay. That is why, our EAs only takes minutes to install.

Auto Stop Loss & Take Profit

Our forex robots are programmed to place stop losses and take profit levels automatically for you, ensuring the safety of funds.

Simultaneous Trading of Multiple Pairs

Trade different currency pairs at the same time.

Free Updates

Receive free updates upon purchase of our EA products.